The Flattening Test

Up to now I've been convinced that Adobe Illustrator MUST be deriving or somehow figuring out these layer groups at time of opening the file. For the layer group data to be present in the actual file would imply the program that created the file "knew" of these grouping at the time it created the file. If this was the case, then that saving program would have had to created the grouping (I don't know of software that does this, but is possible), or the grouping is a common "layer" feature used in PhotoShop.

Step 5: View Any Layer Groups

This is where it gets interesting. Adobe Illustrator shows NO layer groups at all. It just sees this as one big image. This tells me that the layer group information was additional meta data inside the PDF file that was released. That meta data containing the group information had to come from some software that touched the file between scanning and saving as a PDF. The big question now is whether that it came automatically from some smart logic during scanning or was a result of image manipulation in an editor like PhotoShop. I'll leave the door open to both possibilities, but the former seems like quite a long shot.

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